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What is Kaffarah

Kaffarah is to be paid in situations where a fast is void or deliberately broken. A payment is then obligatory for the broken fast along with the condition to make up for that fast at a later stage (ASAP). If this is not viable, they are required to feed 60 poor people per each fast missed or broken at the rate of £5 per person (£5 x 60).

Some examples of situations where kaffarah would be due:

  1. Consumption of food or drink with intention
  2. Masturbation during fasting
  3. Sexual intercourse during fasting
  4. Breaking the fast by intentionally throwing up
  5. Changing one’s mind with the intent of breaking the fast. Fasting is validated by intention
  6. Deliberate or intentional poor characteristics such as lying, backbiting, foul language,deliberately hurting someone’s feelings, etc.
  7. Deliberately causing harm to oneself or another living creature or being

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